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Check Permit Status

You can now perform a Permit Status Search right here online.  Each permit and permit application will have a permit status assigned to it depending on where it is in the approval process. The status categories and their descriptions are as follows:

Processing - Permit application information and fee payment are being entered into the database and a file is being created by Permit Unit staff.

Pending -  Permit application is waiting to be assigned to an inspector.

Inspection -  Permit application has been assigned to an inspector and the inspector has started actively inspecting the facility for compliance with Fire Code provisions.

Operations -  Permit application has been forwarded to your local engine company for inspection and approval.

F6/NOV -  Written notification of the corrections that are necessary before the permit can be issued has been forwarded to the applicant.

Approved Haz Mat -  The inspector has approved the permit for issuance.

Issued -  An annual permit has been issued and is in the first year.

Renewal - An annual permit has been renewed for the current year.

Renewal Sent - An invoice for renewal of an annual permit has been forwarded to the permit holder but payment has not yet been received.

Compliance - There has been difficulty in gaining compliance and compliance action has been initiated in order to resolve the issues.

Cancel -  An annual permit has been cancelled.

Permit information is updated daily. If you have any questions about the status of a permit or application please contact the Permit Unit at (206) 386-1450.

Permit Status Search


Last Modified:   January 13, 2015

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