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Seattle Voters' Guide  

Statement For Proposition 1

Because We Love Our Parks, Vote Yes on Proposition 1!

Seattle has one of the great parks systems in America, but for years we’ve neglected this extraordinary legacy. Daily maintenance has been reduced at virtually every park and community center. We now face a $267 million maintenance backlog – and it’s growing.

It’s time to invest in our parks again, so they are open and accessible to all. As the current parks levy expires, it’s time to establish a Seattle Park District that provides stable, dedicated funding for our parks, ballfields and community centers and guarantees accessability for all.

Creating the Parks System that Seattleites Deserve

Proposition 1 will address a wide variety of parks system needs including: major maintenance like replacing leaky roofs, boiler replacements, and critical electrical upgrades; ongoing maintenance like cleaning restrooms, trash pickup, and mowing; restoring staffing, hours, and programs at community centers for kids and seniors; acquiring new parks and open space to meet increased demand; funding for major maintenance at Woodland Park Zoo and the Seattle Aquarium; and funding to protect habitat and open space.

All this critical work will only cost the owner of a $400,000 home about $4 a month more than the expiring parks levy.

Dedicated Park Funding Will Serve Us All

Right now our parks must compete with other city services like police, fire, and human services, so when budgets are tight parks lose out. We can do better.

Seattle Proposition 1 will provide the resources we need to ensure that our parks serve every neighborhood and community across Seattle. Our parks system is one of our greatest democratic institutions, bringing together people from all walks of life and all races and ethnicities to share equally in the beauty of nature and the benefits of recreation. Let’s ensure this treasured legacy is enhanced for future generations to enjoy.

Enthusiastic Support from Organizations You Trust

Based on a carefully considered proposal developed by a citizens committee, Proposition 1 received unanimous support from Mayor Murray and the City Council and is endorsed by dozens of respected organizations that care about parks, like Sierra Club, Friends of Athletic Fields, Seattle Human Services Coalition, King County Conservation Voters, Seattle Youth Soccer Association, Transportation Choices Coalition, Seattle Parks Foundation, 34th, 37th and 43rd District Democrats, Forterra and many others.

Please support stable, dedicated funding for our parks. Please vote YES on Seattle Parks District Proposition 1!

Ken Bounds
Former Superintendent, Seattle Parks and Recreation

Barbara Wright
Co-Chair, Seattle Parks Legacy Citizens Committee

Fartun Farrah
Board Member, Yesler Community Center

Rebuttal to Statement
For Proposition 1

Proposition 1 is NOT love for our parks. It is a clever deception.

In fact, it would create City Council controlled Metropolitan Parks District which changes forever how Seattle parks are managed – for the worse!

While current park maintenance may be an issue it doesn’t justify abandoning the legacy levy system that empowers voters to prioritize revenue for park programs and maintenance.

A YES vote on Proposition 1 permanently shifts control of our precious park resources to the Council with absolutely no accountability to voters.

Any current or future Council could privatize our parks, build stadiums or cage more Zoo elephants….even raise taxes for private development – all without a public vote.

We regret King County Conservation Voters and Forterra did not bother to talk with these park advocates about our concerns. They may be right most times – but they’re wrong here.

Really love our parks! Vote No on Proposition 1.

Don Harper
Chair, Parks Committee
Queen Anne Community Council

Carol Fisher
Senior Recreation Programming
Seattle Parks Advisory Council

John Barber
Past Board Member
Seattle Parks Board


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