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Statement Against Proposition 1

Proposition 1 is a tax measure that raises your Property Taxes, increasing costs to homeowners and renters alike with no benefit to public needs. Property taxes are intended to fund schools, parks, libraries, and needed human services. Money public officials collect from citizens should be used for purposes that serve the whole community, not to keep career politicians in office. Vote NO on Proposition 1.

Proposition 1 forces you to give money to candidates whether you support them or not. There is little that is fair about this proposition to force you to fund campaigns. This is a Proposition written by City Council incumbents for City Council incumbents and is supported by city hall insiders.

Currently all Seattle campaign donations are voluntary, so the money given to candidates is not considered excessive by the people contributing their own money. Proposition 1 makes it easier for incumbents to fund their campaigns with your money. It is much easier for an incumbent to qualify to use your money for a campaign than it is for a challenger. This is an inappropriate use of the city’s taxing authority.

Your money supports anyone who qualifies for this tax subsidy, whether Republican, Democrat or anywhere else on the political spectrum and you will be forced to pay for it. Support those you like, not those you oppose. This misguided measure does not deserve your support.

This scheme has been done in other cities and the results are clear. Incumbents remain secure in office but are relieved of having to work as hard to raise funds. Challengers find it just as difficult to take on incumbents. The same career politicians remain in office. Do not believe the hype, these schemes have not worked to bring real change, anywhere.

Proposition 1 does not limit how much candidates can spend of their own money, so the wealthy and well-connected running for public office have the advantage they always have enjoyed. It does nothing to limit the amount PACs, political action committees, can spend to support or oppose a candidate. It does not effectively limit the amount of money that can be spent in an election. Vote NO on Proposition 1.

This is a misguided Proposition based on misplaced spending priorities. Retain the right to support the candidates of your choice. Vote NO on Proposition 1.

Statement submitted by: Kirk Robbins, Nicole Franklin

Rebuttal to Statement
Against Proposition 1

Proposition 1 restores fair elections to Seattle, ensuring that our politicians are responsible to us, not big money interests.

The program is transparent and accountable. Candidates must prove they deserve support, collecting 600 contributions between $10 and $50 from Seattle residents. These grassroots contributions are matched up to $210,000—giving credible challengers the opportunity to compete against well-funded incumbents. The independent Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission provides oversight, ensuring funds are used according to the law.

Proposition 1 dedicates revenue for fair elections, meaning no money can be taken from other city services. Plus, it’s inexpensive, just 50 cents a month for the average homeowner.

Proposition 1 strengthens our democracy, makes our voices heard, and sends a broader message: voters deserve better than billions spent by Karl Rove and the Koch Brothers. That’s why King County Labor Council, King County Democrats and ACLU have joined the coalition endorsing Prop. 1.

Statement submitted by: Sharon Tomiko Santos, Jim Street and Estela Ortega

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