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Seattle Voters' Guide  

2518 South Brandon Court
Seattle WA 98108

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Written Voters' Guide Statement

Dear voters,

Seattle has one of the fastest growing economies in the nation. I want to sustain that momentum while preserving the quality and rich diversity of our neighborhoods. We can meet these objectives if the city promotes better working conditions and affordable housing for our residents.

I wrote an ordinance that provided paid sick and safe days for employees in Seattle, so that they don’t have to lose a day’s pay if they are ill or must care for a family member. I sponsored legislation that created a rental housing registration and inspection program to ensure safe and healthy housing conditions for Seattle renters. I’ve also worked as a Governing Board member on the Committee to End Homelessness in King County to push for strategies that ensure that, by the end of 2013, no family be on the streets at night without shelter.

I’ve fought for affordable housing for people working in growing neighborhoods such as South Lake Union. We must give people an opportunity to live close to where they work to reduce traffic congestion and pollution. We must pass legislation that requires developers to set aside 10% of their new dwelling units at rates affordable to workers earning less than $45,000 a year.

I also believe that city government must be transparent. That is why I led the council in passing an ordinance that requires lobbyists to register with the city. I believe we can reduce the role of contributions on influencing public policy by adopting campaign finance reform through public financing of elections. We must also be frugal in how we spend public funds; I resisted the proposal to spend $200 million of public funds for a new professional basketball arena. We can influence the private sector by requiring that the banks which service city funds follow socially responsible practices.

I’ve earned the support of 14 Seattle-area state legislators, King County Executive Dow Constantine, Sheriff John Urquhart, and Attorney General Bob Ferguson. Likewise, I’ve received the support of every Seattle district Democrat organization and more than 10 local unions. This past December, The Nation also named me the nation’s “most valuable local official,” calling me a “bold advocate of progressive populist ideas.”

This city needs elected officials who work for the interests of every Seattle resident, and who understand the importance of a responsive and responsible government. I’d appreciate your vote and support.


Nick Licata

This statement was provided by the candidate, who is solely responsible for the contents therein.

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