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Written Voters' Guide Statement

The working class is paying a heavy price for the consequences of the international crisis of the capitalist system. The bosses and their governments are responding to this crisis by aiming to recover their profits on the backs of workers. The capitalist class uses its courts, police agencies, and other state institutions to restrict our ability to defend our interests and to attack our democratic rights -- including the right to privacy and freedom of the press. Both Democrats and Republicans participate in these attacks and support wars abroad.

Millions of workers can’t find jobs. Those working do so under worse conditions for less money. As the Socialist Workers Party candidate for mayor I call for a movement to demand a massive federally-funded jobs program to put millions to work building schools, child care centers, and other things working people need, and to fix the crumbling infrastructure, such as bridges that need replacement.

We are seeing resistance to the attacks on our class. Coal miners in the East and West are standing up to coal bosses' threats to break the union and gut pensions, safety and medical benefits.

Workers in Bangladesh and Cambodia are demanding safe worksites after deadly factory collapses there.

Machinist union members have stood up to attacks on wages and benefits in a strike at Belshaw-Adamatic in Auburn.

ILWU dockworkers were locked out in Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon by grain bosses who want to change work rules and use non-union labor.

Oppressed layers of our class are hit hardest by this profit-driven offensive—especially workers who are Black. Immigrant workers are scapegoated and subjected to super exploitation. My campaign calls for organizing and unionizing all workers and decriminalizing the status of undocumented workers. We say the labor movement should champion these fights in order to unify the working class. We defend the right of women to choose an abortion without restrictions.

The working class needs to break with the Democratic and Republican parties and rely on our own strength. In order to change society we need to take political power away from the capitalist class. We point to the example of Cuba, where workers and farmers made a revolution, took power and began to build a society based on human needs instead of profits. We defend the Cuban Five prisoners, framed up and imprisoned by the U.S. government for defending the Cuban Revolution.

This statement was provided by the candidate, who is solely responsible for the contents therein.

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