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Seattle Voters' Guide  

PO Box 221005
Seattle WA 98122
(206) 817-5155

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Written Voters' Guide Statement

Imagine if we elected a visionary mayor with executive experience who brings people together to get things done. Imagine a leader who listens before acting. As your executive, I値l refocus the city on core services such as sidewalks, potholes, and synchronizing traffic-lights while also planning for our future. Seattle is hungry for a mayor who can lead as an executive, above the pettiness and divisions of the past. I知 proven and tested and I ask for your vote for Mayor.

Together, we値l build the pathway to success for all communities. Successful communities start with safe communities. As Mayor, I値l create NEW COMMUNITY SERVICE OFFICERS who値l come from your community and will protect your streets. They will know you. Our police force will adopt a new culture of innovation and change. They will admit mistakes. At the same time, we値l praise them for their courage and a new partnership will be formed. The failed strategies of the past must end.

Together, we値l create a NEW TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM by integrating all of its components: roads, transit, light rail, pedestrian and bike trails. It痴 time we stop pitting bikes against cars. We致e seen what happens when a mayor doesn稚 understand transportation integration. As Vice Chair of the Transportation Committee, I知 the only candidate with the citywide experience to create a healthy transportation ecosystem.

Our community centers will be enhanced to NEW EMPOWERMENT CENTERS and our next generation will be taught civics, conflict management, environmental sustainability, and provided resources to help them succeed. Rising tuition costs are crushing families and putting college out of reach for many graduates. We値l create a NEW COLLEGE ENDOWMENT FUND to allow every graduate in Seattle Public Schools to prepare for college.

Our success is linked to the growth of our most innovative companies. As an attorney experienced in corporate law and one who has also spent three decades fighting for the most vulnerable communities, I知 the only candidate who can bridge our region痴 entrepreneurial and business spirit with our most vulnerable communities. As Mayor, I値l create a new Seattle: ONE SEATTLE.

Endorsed by: King County Democrats, King County Young Democrats, Seattle Democratic Legislative Districts, King County Corrections Guild, Seattle Building and Construction Trades, former Mayor Wes Uhlman, former Councilmember Paul Kraabel, Rep. Eric Pettigrew, Rep. Cindy Ryu, former Senator Kathleen Drew, Orin Smith, Stan Barer, Russell Horowitz, Rogelio Riojas, Mark Okazaki, former Senator Claudia Kauffman and thousands more.

This statement was provided by the candidate, who is solely responsible for the contents therein.

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