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Seattle Voters' Guide  

4752 41st Ave. S.W. Suite A
Seattle, WA 98116-4584
(206) 402-5110

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Written Voters' Guide Statement

Professional/Career Experience: Practiced law in Seattle since 1972. Owner/manager of private businesses in West Seattle (1996 - Present).

Education: University of Washington: B.A. in Business Administration (1967); Willamette University College of Law: Doctor of Jurisprudence (1972).

Community Service: Pro bono legal services; Volunteer in treatment and self-help organizations for alcohol/drug addiction (2004 - Present); Belong to numerous community and charitable organizations.

Statement: I was born in Seattle in 1945. As a true Seattleite, I was have resided and worked my entire life in the Greater Seattle area. I answered the call of duty to my country in 1968 to interrupt my legal education half-way through law school to serve as a combat infantry soldier in the Vietnam War (1969-1970), regardless of the justness of the cause, and I was awarded numerous combat honors and medals. Upon return from the war, I completed my legal education at Willamette University and returned to my home and began my legal career in Seattle in 1972. I have over 40 years of successful legal experience practicing law in the City of Seattle and have participating and supported its growth as the best and most livable City in the country.

The Mayor of Seattle is legally a nonpartisan office, as it should be. The leadership of the City is not suited for politicians or supporters of special interests or affiliations promoting their personal partisan agendas. The Mayor should be an independent leader working for the best interests of each and every resident of the City, regardless of his/her political interests, causes, ethnicity, color or sexual orientation. I am a true independent nonpartisan candidate - not an advocate for any individual cause, party or special interest. I intend to be impartial, unbiased and independent and to serve all the people of this City based on my long experience and wisdom. I will listen and work harmoniously for all the people of the City with respect, dignity and integrity.

Money and politics don't mix with effective unified leadership. I do not intend to solicit donations, endorsements or money from any persons, partisanship organizations or groups promoting a special interest. We need to work together to stop any divisiveness and animosity to build the original vision of a "Greater Seattle." I intend to work tirelessly to bring transparency and honesty back to this City, and if mistakes are made to frankly admit and correct them.

This statement was provided by the candidate, who is solely responsible for the contents therein.

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