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Area designation is based on reported zip code:
Mt Baker/Rainier Valley: 98108,98118,98144,98178
West Seattle: 98106,98116,98126,98136,98146
Capitol Hill/Madrona: 98102,98112,98122
Queen Anne/Magnolia: 98109,98119,98199
U-District/Green Lake: 98103,98105
Ballard/NW Seattle: 98107,98117,98133,98177
View Ridge/Lake City: 98115,98125
Downtown/Bell Town: 98101,98104,98111,98121,98134
Where a zip code has residents inside and outside the Seattle City Limits the contribution is coded appropriately, i.e. either a neighborhood or "outside seattle".
"Area unknown" is largely comprised of unitemized contributions of $25 or less. It also includes: 1) anonymous contributions, 2) PO Box addresses in zip codes that are split between city and non-city residents, and 3) contributions where an address or zip code has not yet been reported.
Includes data from all reports electronically filed with the City Clerk on or before 4/14/13. Paper reports filed before then may not yet be included here.

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by Area
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