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2017 $0 
2015 $384,640 
2013 $239,347 
2011 $369,200 
2009 $417,100 
2007 $383,320 
2006 $113,043 
2005 $460,009 
2003 $390,056 
2001 $156,388 
1999 $219,336 
1997 $176,384 
1995 $179,225 
1993 $103,870 

Includes data from all reports electronically filed with the City Clerk on or before 10/26/2010. Paper reports filed before then may not yet be included here.
What is described in this section of the site as "Total Contributions" may be more accurately described as "Total Receipts" as it does include receipts other than contributions, such as transfers of funds from a previous campaign committee, bank interest and sales of t-shirts, buttons, etc....

However, what is described here as "Average Contribution Size" is calculated based only on actual contributions from persons other than the candidate. The calculation does not include transfers from previous campaign committees, candidate contributions, anonymous contributions, bank receipts etc.... Thereore, the figures for Average Contribution size will be different than what you derive by dividing Total Contributions (i.e. Total Receipts) by Total Number of contributors.

Finally, the contributions by size pie charts do not include Candidate and Anonymous contributions so you may note a small discrepancy between these pie charts and the total contributions charts.

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