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Disclosure Reports for the
2nd Quarter 2016
Reporting period
Lobbyist Employer/Client Compensation Other View
George Allen Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce.{no report}
George Allen The Baseball Club of Seattle, LLLP{no report}
Vicki Asakura Nonprofit Assistance Center{no report}
Ross Baker Virginia Mason Medical Center{no report}
Randy Bannecker McDonald's{no report}
Randy Bannecker Seattle-King County Association of Realtors{no report}
Katie Baum Catholic Community Services{no report}
Ryan Bayne{no report}
Ryan Bayne American Beverage Association{no report}
Ryan Bayne City Investors LLC{no report}
Flo Beaumon Catholic Community Services of King County{no report}
Becky Bogard Seattle's Convention and Visitors Bureau{no report}
Shannon Boldizsar Starbucks Coffee Company{no report}
Anna Boone Uber Technologies Inc.{no report}
Gary Burris Economic Opportunity Institute{no report}
Tim Ceis car2go{no report}
Tim Ceis PayLock{no report}
Tim Ceis Sabey Corporation{no report}
Tim Ceis Total Outdoor{no report}
Tim Ceis UFCW Local 21{no report}
Tim Ceis Yellow Pages Assocation{no report}
Sarah Cherin United Food and Commercial Workers Local 21{no report}
Holly Chisa Northwest Grocery Association{no report}
Lynn Claudon Chris Hansen{no report}
Lynn Claudon Expedia Inc.{no report}
Cheryl Cobbs Solid Ground{no report}
Sheldon Cooper Homestead Community Land Trust{no report}
Merril Cousin King County Coaliton Against Domestic Violence{no report}
Adair Dammann SEIU Local 925{no report}
Maud Daudon Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce{no report}
Philip Dawdy Cloners Market{no report}
Philip Dawdy Have A Heart{no report}
Philip Dawdy Puget Sound Health Alternatives{no report}
Philip Dawdy The Joint Cooperative{no report}
Michael Dorsey Uber Technologies, Inc.{no report}
Dylan Doty MJD, Inc.{no report}
Jan Drago Kinzer Partners{no report}
Jamie Durkan Clear Channel Out Door{no report}
Jamie Durkan Rental Housing Association{no report}
Chris Van Dyk BYG Taxi Cooperative Association{no report}
Chris Van Dyk NoStreetcarsYesMoreBuses.Org{no report}
Chris Van Dyk Puget Sound Dispatch LLC{no report}
Chris Van Dyk Seattle Taxi Owners Association {no report}
Emelie East car2go{no report}
Merf Ehman Columbia Legal Services{no report}
Barbara Fane Nonprofit Assistance Center (NAC){no report}
Rollin Fatland Horton Street LLC{no report}
Nick Federici 15 For Seattle{no report}
Kari-Lynn Frank NAIOP{no report}
Phillip Fujii Vulcan Inc.{no report}
Dawn Gearhart Teamsters Local 117{no report}
Chris Genese Chris Genese{no report}
Dorothy Gibson American Federation of Teachers{no report}
Adam Glickman SEIU Healthcare 775NW{no report}
Kay Godefroy Seattle Neighborhood Group{no report}
George Griffin American Life, Inc.{no report}
George Griffin Comcast Communcations{no report}
George Griffin Goodman Real Estate{no report}
George Griffin Industrial Stakeholders Consortium{no report}
George Griffin Lincoln Towing and Recovery{no report}
George Griffin Mobilitie, Inc.{no report}
George Griffin Pinnacle --An American Management Serv. Company{no report}
George Griffin QG, LLC{no report}
George Griffin Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel{no report}
George Griffin ShotSpotter (SST, Inc.){no report}
George Griffin SODO Builders, LLC{no report}
George Griffin VIEVU{no report}
Toby Guevin OneAmerica{no report}
Paul Haas Solid Ground{no report}
Bill Hallerman Archdiocesan Housing Authority{no report}
Sierra Hansen Swedish Health Services{no report}
Karen Hart SEIU Local 925{no report}
Tim Hatley CORE{no report}
Tim Hatley Seattle 2030 District{no report}
Tim Hatley Washington Multi-Family Housing Association{no report}
Hans Hechtman Comcast{no report}
Beth Hester Comcast{no report}
Ed Hewson Self{no report}
Morgan Hickel Washington Restaurant Association{no report}
Scott Hildebrand Washington Retail Association{no report}
Scott Hildebrand Washington State Conference of Mason Contractors{no report}
Lindsay Hovind American Heart Association{no report}
Brock Howell Cascade Bicycle Club{no report}
Garrett Huffman Master Builders Association of King & Snohomish Counties{no report}
Kevin Hughes D.A. Burns{no report}
Kevin Hughes Pacific Science Center{no report}
Kevin Hughes Rabanco{no report}
Kevin Hughes Seattle Opera{no report}
Gerry Johnson Seattle Art Museum{no report}
Julie Johnson Rental Housing Association of Puget Sound{no report}
Kate Joncas Downtown Seattle Association{no report}
andrew kashyap SEIU 775/Working Washington{no report}
Sandeep Kaushik Airbnb{no report}
Sandeep Kaushik Cannabis Organization of Retail Establishments (CORE){no report}
Sandeep Kaushik Comcast{no report}
Sandeep Kaushik Lyft{no report}
Nicole Vallestero Keenan Puget Sound Sage{no report}
Joe Kendo Washington State Labor Council{no report}
Andra Kranzler Columbia Legal Services{no report}
Judy Krebs SEIU Healthcare 775NW{no report}
Dustin Lambro Teamsters Local 117{no report}
Paul Lambros Plymouth Housing Group{no report}
John Lane Washington Restaurant Association{no report}
Brooke Lather SEIU Local 925{no report}
Molly Lawrence Washington State Public Stadium Authority Attn: Ann Kawasaki Romero{no report}
Sharon Lee Low Income Housing Institute{no report}
Tony Lee solid ground{no report}
Desiree Leigh Seattle Children's Hospital{no report}
Pearl Leung Vulcan Inc{no report}
Sarah Rick Lewontin Bellwether Housing{no report}
Ann LoGerfo Columbia Legal Services{no report}
Julien Loh Uber Technologies Inc.{no report}
Kjris Lund JC Decaux North America{no report}
Katherine Fountain Mackinnon Stanford Hotels{no report}
Katherine Fountain Mackinnon The Velmeir Companies{no report}
Michael Mann Cedar Grove Composting{no report}
Michael Mann Enwave{no report}
Steve Marquardt UFCW 21{no report}
Sean Martin Rental Housing Association of Washington{no report}
Josh McDonald Washington Restaurant Association{no report}
Kym Michela Cascade Neighborhood Coalition{no report}
Kym Michela Downtown Historic Theatre District{no report}
Joseph Mizrahi United Food and Commercial Workers Local 21{no report}
David Namura CenturyLink{no report}
Heather Nygaard Working Washington{no report}
Mark Okazaki Neighborhood House{no report}
David Okimoto United Way of King County{no report}
Gordon Padelford Seattle Neighborhood Greenways{no report}
Sejal Parikh Working Washington{no report}
Alison Alfonzo Pence The Food Bank @ St. Mary's{no report}
Will Pittz Washington Community Action Network!{no report}
Irene Plenefisch Microsoft Corporation{no report}
David Pringle American Medical Response{no report}
Kathy Putt Comcast Cable{no report}
Gabriela Quintana Economic Opportunity Institute{no report}
Joe Quintana CalPortland (formerly Glacier Northwest){no report}
Joe Quintana Clise Properties{no report}
Joe Quintana Kenmore Air{no report}
Shefali Ranganathan Transportation Choices Coalition{no report}
Kelli Refer Cascade Bicycle Club{no report}
Brian Robinson Seattle Seahawks{no report}
Kim Rorschach Seattle Art Museum{no report}
Yurij Rudensky Columbia Legal Services{no report}
Katharine Ryan Food Lifeline{no report}
Rebecca Saldaņa Puget Sound Sage{no report}
David Schaefer Woodland Park Zoo{no report}
John Schoettler Amazon Corporate LLC{no report}
Jon Scholes Downtown Seattle Association{no report}
DeLee Shoemaker Microsoft Corporation{no report}
Jermaine Smiley Hod Carriers & General Laborers Local 242{no report}
Catherine Stanford BOMA Seattle King County{no report}
Brooke Steger Uber Technologies, Inc.{no report}
Julia Sterkovsky Neighborhood House{no report}
Hilary Stern Casa Latina{no report}
Rich Stolz OneAmerica Votes$0$0
Karen Strickland Kids First Seattle{no report}
Eileen Sullivan Amazon Corporate LLC{no report}
John Taylor CleanScapes{no report}
Mary Taylor CenturyLink{no report}
Harla Tumbleson YWCA Seattle-King County/SOWA{no report}
Pradeepta Upadhyay Nonprofit Assistance Center{no report}
Roger Valdez Blueprint Capital{no report}
Roger Valdez Kauri Investments{no report}
Roger Valdez Smart Growth Seattle{no report}
Jodie Vice CleanScapes{no report}
Bart Waldman Seattle Mariners{no report}
Cynthia Wang Airbnb, Inc.{no report}
Elizabeth Warman The Boeing Company{no report}
Eugene Wasserman D2 Investments{no report}
Eugene Wasserman Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel{no report}
David West SEIU Local 925{no report}
Rich White The Boeing Company{no report}
Steve Williamson United Food and Commercial Workers Local 21{no report}
Barb Wilson Vulcan Inc.{no report}
Lily Wilson-Codega Teamsters Joint Council 28{no report}


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