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Law and Filer Information
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Law and Rules

The Lobbying Disclosure law, SMC 2.06, is available on the City Clerk's website.

Here are the SEEC Lobbying Administrative Rules (pdf).

And here is the Instruction Manual for Filers (pdf).

Already Have a User Name and Password?

Login here:

New to Lobbyist eFiling and need a User Name and Password?

All lobbyist registration and disclosure will take place online using the SEECís lobbyist disclosure application.

To use the application follow these steps:

STEP 1 - Contact Polly Grow at the SEEC to obtain a user name and "Setup Password". If you have trouble reaching Polly Grow you can contact Bob DeWeese, though his position is part-time.

STEP 2 - Login to the SEEC's political campaign eFiling application at Once there click on "Manage Account" to change your "Setup Password" to a password you make up and will find easy to remember. Logout of this site, you will NOT need to use this site again unless you need to setup a new password.

STEP 3 - Login to the SEEC's lobby disclosure eFiling application at

STEP 4 - Follow the online instructions to file your registrations and expenditure reports.

STEP 5 - Have your Employer Authorize you as a Lobbyist. Download the Employer Authorization Template Here

If you have questions please Contact Polly Grow or Bob DeWeese


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