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Orca Tips

1 - ORCA must be configured to allow filing with the SEEC

In Windows version:

navigate to the following subfolder on your computer:


In Windows XP this will usually be found at:

C:\Program Files\ORCA\plugins\upload
C:\Program Files\PDC\ORCA\plugins\upload
{wherever your tech installed orca}\ORCA\plugins\upload

In that folder you should see a file named "seec.properties_". This file must be renamed to just "", i.e. remove the "_" underscore character. ORCA is now configured for filing with the City of Seattle.

In Mac Version:

Right click on ORCA application bundle in the Applications group and choose "Show Package Contents", then navigate to the resources/java/plugins/upload folder within the package and remove the underscore from the end of the file.

2 - Orca "Report Manager"

The next time you file reports in ORCA you will notice something different when you click the "upload/amend" button in the "Report Manager" window. You will now be presented with the option to choose which agency to file with: The PDC or the SEEC.

You must file with both agencies. Generally file first with the PDC (using PDC supplied passwords), then file with the SEEC using SEEC supplied password and User Id.

3 - Set Your Password

To certify uploaded reports, first you will have to set your SEEC login password.

Go to the SEEC Electronic Filing System Login Page:

(Add this page to your Favorites list! You'll be using it regularly)

Enter your SEEC User Name and Password.

The first time you log in you will be using a "setup" password provided by the SEEC. The system will ask you to change your setup password to some other password before going any further.

Please understand that your password is yours and that any reports filed using this password will be considered certified (i.e. true and correct) by you. We are happy to provide others on your committee with their own passwords so they can post reports. For your protection, please do not share your password with anyone.

4 - Upload Reports to City of Seattle from ORCA

In the Orca "Report Manager" window click "Upload/Amend". Next, click the "Seattle Ethics & Elections Commission" option and open the "Upload Report" window. Enter your SEEC User Name and Password and click "Upload". If the "Upload Report" window does not have a box labeled "SEEC User Name" and another one named "SEEC Password" then you need to Update your version of Orca to the most recent version.

Once the reports have been uploaded to the SEEC you will still need to close or minimize Orca, open a web browser, and post and certify the reports on the SEEC website.

5 - Post and Certify Uploaded Reports

Go to the SEEC Electronic Filing System Login Page:

Enter your SEEC User Name and Password.

Now you should be in the SEEC Electronic Filing System.

If reports have been uploaded using Orca, but not yet posted or certified, you will be asked to post or certify them at this point. Click the appropriate boxes, and you're done.


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