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Seattle Elections Home

Voters' Guide

In the weeks leading up to an election statements promoting or opposing City Office candidates and ballot issues can be found in the Voters' Guide menu option to the left. Pictures and Video statements are also available some years. This guide is the same information found in the paper Voters' Pamphlet mailed to all City households before an election.

Campaign Finance Disclosure

You are in the best place to learn about the financing of City of Seattle Election Campaigns. Campaigns for City Office and City Ballot Issues are required by State and City law to disclose information about their contributions, expenditures and financial condition. You can view this information by clicking the appropriate menu option on the left of this page:

  • Campaigns - A list of registered campaigns promoting or opposing City candidates or ballot issues.
  • Disclosure Reports - The raw data -- electronic copies of disclosure reports filed with the City.
  • Charts & Graphs - Summarized financial data for City campaigns -- Total Contributions, Contributions by Neighborhood, etc...
  • Lists - Lists of contributors to City campaigns.
  • Searches - Search for the name of a contributor or vendor.

Voting, Absentee Ballots and Vote Results

Please contact King County Elections.

Campaign Finance Regulations

If you want to learn more about campaign finance regulations or the City's electronic filing program please click on Info for Filers on the left. This will include the City's campaign finance law, SEEC rules & advisory opinions, a filing calendar and other information to help campaigns comply with campaign finance regulations.

Further Information

Please contact us with any questions you may have.


New Late-Filing Penalties - $50/$150

21 Day Reminder - General


Waterfront-Viaduct Park
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