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Community Technology

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Center Name  Contact Name  Phone  Email  Address  Web Address   
911 Media Arts Center   Receptionist   682-6552  402 9th Ave N   View
Algona-Pacific Library   Librarian   833-3554     255 Ellingson Rd.   View
ARC of King County   Jeff Welch   364-6337  10550 Lake City Way NE, Suite A   View
Artworks   Terry Pottmeyer   292-4142  1914 4th Ave   View
Auburn Library   Librarian   931-3018     1102 Auburn Way S   View
Ballard Branch - Seattle Public Library   Librarian   684-4089     5614 22nd Avenue NW   View
Ballard House Resident Council   Frank Handzlik   251-6850     2445 NW 57th St #105   Not Available   View
Ballard Neighborhood Service Center workstation   Rob Mattson   684-4060  5604 22nd AVE NW   View
Ballard NW Senior Activity Center   Staff   297-0403     5429 32nd Ave NW   View
Barton Place Leadership Team   Audrey Rozanoff   723-1328     9201 Rainier Ave S. #615   Not Available   View
Beacon Hill Branch - Seattle Public Library   Librarian   684-4711     2821 Beacon Ave S   View
Bellevue Regional Library   Managing Librarian   450-1765     1111 110th Ave. NE   View
Black Diamond Library   Librarian   886-1105     24301 Roberts Dr   View
Bothell Regional Library   Librarian   486-7811     18215 98th Ave. NE   View
Boulevard Park Library   Librarian   242-8662     12015 Roseberg AVE S   View
Broadview Branch - Seattle Public Library   Librarian   684-7519     12755 Greenwood AV N   View
Bryant Manor Computer Learning   Makini McGee   324-2261  1801 E Yesler WY   Not Available   View
Burien Library   Librarian   243-3490     14700 Sixth SW   View
Cal Mor Circle Resident Council   Rodney Helms   938-4731     6420 California Ave SW #701   Not Available   View
Capitol Hill Branch - Seattle Public Library   Librarian   684-4715     425 Harvard Av E   View
Carnation Library   Librarian   333-4398     4804 Tolt AVE   View
Cascade People's Center   Robin Russell   587-0320  309 Pontius Avenue North   View
Cedarvale House Leadership Team   Steve Meyer   892-0060  11050 8th Ave NE #301   Not Available   View
Central Area Senior Center   Kristen Beckett   726-4926  500 30th Ave S   View
Central Area Youth Association (C.A.Y.A.)   Joe Staton   322-6640  119 23rd Ave   View
Central District Neighborhood Service Center Public Access Internet Terminal   Ted Divina   684-4767  2301 S Jackson ST Suite 208   View
Central Library - Seattle Public Library   Librarian   386-4636     1000 4th AVE   View
Chancery Place   Melanie Wycoff, Program Director   343-9415  910 Marion St, #105`   Not Available   View
Chateau Apartments Learning Center   Mike Auyoung   764-9656  119 19th AV   Not Available   View
Chinese Information & Service Center   Karia Wong   624-5633  611 S. Lane Street   View
Columbia Branch - Seattle Public Library   Librarian   386-1908     4721 Rainier AV S   View
Community Day School Assn. Family Literacy Program   Brianna Lewis   323-9465  135 32nd Ave   View
Community School of West Seattle   Sarah Airhart   763-2081  9450 22nd Ave SW   Not Available   View
Community Service Center F/T Deaf & Hard of Hearing   Troy Braswell   322-4996  1609 19th Ave   View
Covington Library   Librarian   630-8761     27100 164th AVE SE   View
Crossroads Library Connection   Librarian   644-6203     15600 NE 8th Street, Suite K-11   View
Delridge Branch - Seattle Public Library   Librarian   733-9125     5423 Delridge WY SW   View
Delridge Community Center   Leslie Howle   684-7423  4501 Delridge WY SW   View
Denny Terrace Resident Council (DTRC)   Jason Byas   322-5467  100 Melrose Ave. E #211   Not Available   View
Des Moines Library   Librarian   824-6066     21620 11th AVE S   View
Douglass-Truth Branch - Seattle Public Library   Librarian   684-4704     2300 E Yesler Wy   View
Downtown NSC   Christa Dumpys   233-8560  820 Virginia St   Not Available   View
Duvall Library   Librarian   788-1173     15619 NE Main ST   View
East African Community Services   Melody Waring   721-1119  7054 32nd Ave S, Suite 207   View
Elderhealth Northwest   Dave Sellinger   467-7033  800 Jefferson ST   View
Ethiopian Community Computer Resources and Training Center   Assaye Abunie   325-0304  2301 S Jackson Street   View
Everyone Has A Song ( EHAS )   Charles Jefferson   324-6958  832 32nd AV   View
Fairview Interagency   Cindy Nomura   252-6819  500 Fairview Ave N   Not Available   View
Fairwood Library   Librarian   226-0522     17009 140th SE   View
Fall City Library   Librarian   222-5951     33415 SE 42nd PL// PO BOX 340   View
FamilyWorks   Jake Weber, Director   694-6727  1501 N. 45th St.   View
Federal Way 320th Library   Librarian   839-0257     848 S 320th ST   View
Federal Way Regional Library   Librarian   838-3668     34200 1st Way S   View
Foster Library   Librarian   242-1640     4060 S. 144th St   View
Fremont Branch - Seattle Public Library   Librarian   684-4084     731 N 35th ST   View
Fremont Neighborhood Service Center Public Internet Terminal   Steve Louie   684-4054  908 N 34th ST   View
Garfield Community Center   Brooke Kempner   684-4788  2323 E Cherry St   View
Garfield Teen Life Center   Mazvita Maraire   684-4550  428 - 23rd Ave   View
Goodwill Industries, Seattle   Janice Rapier   860 5792  1400 S. Lane Street   View
Green Lake Branch - Seattle Public Library   Librarian   684-7547     7364 E. Green Lake Dr N   View
Greenwood Branch - Seattle Public Library   Librarian   684-4086     8016 Greenwood Av N   View
Greenwood Neighborhood Service Center Public Internet Terminal   Beth Pflug   684-4096  8515 Greenwood AV N   View
Greenwood Senior Center   Norah Erwin-Stewart   297-0875  525 N 85th ST   View
Harborview Mental Health Services Consumer Technology Center   Nancy Dow-Witherbee   731-3000     325 9th Ave, Box 359797   View
Helping Link   Minh Duc Nguyen   568-5356  1032 S. Jackson St., Suite C; PO Box 28068   View
High Point Branch - Seattle Public Library   Librarian   684-7454     3411 SW Raymond   View
High Point Community Council   Bonita Blake   937-7375     2811 SW Graham St #638   Not Available   View
Hilltop House Neighborhood Networks Computer Center   Karen Lewis   262-1708  1005 Terrace ST   Not Available   View
Holly Court Resident Council   Larry Smith   760-0770     3728 S. Myrtle St #307   Not Available   View
Hope Academic Enrichment Center   Mohamed Ali   679-0745  9421 16th ave SW   Not Available   View
Hopelink Adult Education Center   Tricia Kesterson   643-1912  15015 Main St., Suite 206   View
Hopelink/Sno-Valley   Debra Strusser   333-4163  31957 E. Commercial St.   View
Horn of Africa Services   Tsegaye Gebru   760-0550  4714 Rainier Ave South Suite 105   View
Huda Tutoring Center   Ali Mohamed   898-4674  4918 S. Willow St   Not Available   View
InterConnection   Charles Brennick   310-4547  2222 N. Pacific St.   View
International District Branch - Seattle Public Library   Librarian   386-1300     713 8th Ave. S.   View
International District Community Ctr   Alan Chin   233-0042     719 8th Ave S   View
International Family Center   Teresa Lam   624-5633     611 S Lane St   View
Issaquah Library   Librarian   392-5430     10 W. Sunset Way   View
Jack Straw Productions   Joan Rabinowitz   634-0919  4261 Roosevelt Way NE   View
Jefferson Terrace Residence Lab   David Sellinger   467-7033  800 Jefferson ST   View
Josephinum Computer Learning Center   Mike Ward   448-8500  1902 Second AV   Not Available   View
Jubilee Women's Center, Learning and Technology Center   Andrea Johnson   324-1244  620 18th Avenue East   View
Kawabe Memorial House   Connie Devaney   322-4550     221 18th Ave S   Not Available   View
Kenmore Library   Librarian   486-8747     18138 73rd NE   View
Kent Regional Library   Librarian   859-3330     212 2nd AVE N   View
King County Law Library Legal Research & Training Center   Rick Stroup   296-0940  516 3rd Ave., W621, KC Courthouse   View
Kingsgate Library   Librarian   821-7686     12315 N.E. 143rd   View
Kirkland Boys & Girls Club   Whitney Walker Cornell   827-0132  10805 124 AV NE   View
Kirkland Library   Librarian   822-2459     308 Kirkland Ave   View
Kirkland Teen Center   Kirkland Teen Ctr   822-3088     348 Kirkland Ave.   View
Lake City Branch - Seattle Public Library   Librarian   684-7518     12501 28th AV NE   View
Lake City House Resident Council   Madenline C Jones   251-1867     12546 33rd Ave. NE #716   Not Available   View
Lake City NSC   Ed Pottharst   684-7526  12525 28th Ave NE   Not Available   View
Lake Forest Park Library   Librarian   362-8860     17171 Bothell Way NE   View
Lake Hills Library   librarian   747-3350     15228 Lake Hills Blvd   View
Lambert House   Jack Gorman   322-2515  1818 15th AV   View
LIHI - Aki Kurose Village   Tad Doviac   957-8069  11506 Stone Ave North   Not Available   View
LIHI - Denice Hunt   Tad Doviac   297-1189  620 N 85th St   Not Available   View
LIHI Lakeview Apartments   Tammy McCorkle   749-0650   tammym@LIHI.ORG  409 Minor AVE   View
LIHI Meadowbrook Apartments   Tammy McCorkle   749-0650   tammym@LIHI.ORG  11032 Lake City Way NE   View
Literacy Source   Elliott Shuppy   782-2050  720 N. 35th ST, Ste. 103   View
Madrona-Sally Goldmark Branch - Seattle Public Library   Librarian   684-4705     1134 33rd AV   View
Magnolia Branch - Seattle Public Library   Librarian   386-4225     2801 34th AV W   View
Maple Valley Library   Librarian   432-4620     21844 SE 248th ST   View
Martin Luther King, Jr. Apartments First Step Technology Center   Rebecca Elder   722-4665  7923 Martin Luther King Jr WY S   View
Mayor's Office for Senior Citizens   Patti-lyn Bell, Program Coordinator   684-0639  618 2nd AV STE 250   View
Mercer Island Library   Librarian   236-3537     4400 88th AVE SE   View
Metrocenter YMCA   Chris Tugwell   839-8911  909 Fourth Avenue   View
Miller Community Center   Steve Demas   684-4753  330 19th Ave E   Not Available   View
Montlake Branch - Seattle Public Library   Librarian   684-4720     2401 24th Ave. E.   View
Muckleshoot Library   Librarian   931-6779     38811 172nd AVE SE   View
Multimedia Resources & Training Institute   Assaye Abunie   838-6359  2301 S Jackson St, Suite 101F   View
Neighborhood House - Rainier Vista Tech Ctr.   Kate Farmer   461-4568     4410 29th Ave., South   View
New Holly Family Center   Sue Siegenthaler   723-4073  7054 32nd Ave S, Ste 207   Not Available   View
NewHolly Branch - Seattle Public Library   Librarian   386-1905     7058 32nd Ave S   View
Newport Hills Community Church   Pastor Paul Burnham   746-8034  5833 - 119th Ave., SE   View
Newport Way Library   Librarian   747-2390     14250 S.E. Newport Way   View
North Bend Library   Librarian   888-0554     115 E 4th   View
North Seattle Boys and Girls Club   Derrick Smith   784-5396     8635 Fremont Ave N   View
North Seattle Family Center   Ann Fuller   364-7930  3200 NE 125th Suite#2   View
Northeast Branch - Seattle Public Library   Librarian   684-7539     6801 35th AV NE   View
Northgate Branch - Seattle Public Library   Librarian   386-1980     10548 Fifth Ave. N.E.   View
Northshore Senior Center   Barbara Berry   487-2441  10201 E. Riverside Dr.   View
Olive Ridge Resident Council   Rick Harrison   709-4204  1700 17th Ave. #214   Not Available   View
Olympic West Resident Council   Eric McDonalds   352-6545     110 W. Olympic Pl   Not Available   View
People of Color Against AIDS Network (POCAAN)   Maria Enriquez Lindsey   322-7061  2200 Rainier Avenue South   View
Plymouth Housing Group   Alan Erhart   374-9409  2113 3rd Ave   View
Powerful Schools @ Orca and Muir   Debbie McGibbon   722-5543  3301 S. Horton   View
Provail   Gabriel Laigo   826-1050  3670 Stone Way AVE N   View
Q Cafe and Community Center   Jake Buter   352-2525  3223 15th AVE W (at Dravus)   View
Queen Anne Branch - Seattle Public Library   Librarian   386-4227     400 W Garfield St.   View
Queen Anne-Magnolia Neighborhood Service Public Access Internet Terminal   John Leonard   684-4812  157 Roy St.   View
R.O.A.R. of Washington   Staff   634-1977  4021 Aurora Ave. North   View
Rainier Beach Branch - Seattle Public Library   Librarian   386-1906     9125 Rainier AV S   View
Rainier Beach Community Center   Young Pham   722-1390  8825 Rainier AVE S   View
Rainier Beach Family Center   Tamsen Spengler   723-1301  8825 Rainier Ave. S.   View
Rainier Community Center   Anthony Adams   760-9104  4600 38th Ave. S.   View
Rainier Vista Boys & Girls Club   Paul Davenport   725-4197  4520 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way S   View
RAYS Family Center   Cynthia Green   772-2050  12704 76th AVE S   View
Redmond Regional Library   Michele Drovdahl   885-1861     15990 NE 85th ST   View
Reel Grrls   Maile Martinez   393-2085  1409 21st Ave   View
Refugee Assistance Program   Marcia Matsuoka   728-4403  4250 S. Mead   Not Available   View
Refugee Women's Alliance   Jeff Sikora   721-0243  4008 Martin Luther King Jr Way S   View
Refugees Social Development Resource Center   Abdurahman W. Jama   721-1119  6740 MLK Jr Way S. #E   Not Available   View
Renton Family Housing Computer Learning Center   Tad Polley   793-7060  1000 Jefferson AVE NE #D102   View
Richmond Beach Library   Librarian   546-3522  19601 21st AVE NW   View
Rotary Boys and Girls Club   Derek Smith   436-1880  201 19th Ave   View
Ryther Child Center   Barb Salo   252-0832  2400 NE 95th St   Not Available   View
Sacajawea Elementary   Mary Mills   252-5550  9501 20th Ave NE   View
Salvation Army Technology Center   Lora Vickrey   767-3150  9050 16th Ave SW   View
Sammamish Library   Librarian   836-8793     825 228th AVE NE   View
SCAN Community Media   Dian Ferguson   522-4758  1125 North 98th ST   View
Seattle Childrens Home   Barb Salo   252-0832  2142 10th Ave W   Not Available   View
Seattle Community Network (SCN)   SCN Voice Mail   365-4528  P.O. Box 947   View
Seattle Indian Center   Victorine Joyner   329-8700  611 12th AV S STE 300   Not Available   View
Seattle Indian Health Board   Steve Gallion   324-9360  611 12th Ave S   Not Available   View
Seattle LGBT Community Center   Amy Williams   709-1114  1115 E Pike ST   View
Seattle MESA   Anna-Maria De la Fuente   616-9654  353 Loew, Box 352181   View
Seattle Vocational Institute   Sarah Dean   587-4950  2120 S Jackson St   View
Shoreline Family Support Center   Vicki Carmahan   362-7282  17018 15 AV NE   View
Shoreline Library   Librarian   362-7550     345 NE 175th   View
Skykomish Library   Librarian   677-2660     100 5th ST   View
Skyway Library   Librarian   772-5541     7614 S 126th St   View
Skyway Tutoring and Computer Lab Centers   Steve Baber, Director of Programs   772-1700  11800 Renton Avenue S   Not Available   View
Snoqualmie Library   Librarian   888-1223     38580 SE River ST   View
Sojourner Place   Polly Irish   545-4200  5071 8th Ave NE   Not Available   View
Somali Community Center   Abdulkadir Jama   760-1181  3320 Rainier AV S   View
Somali Community Service Coalition   Jama Musse   355-6343  7101 MLK Jr Way S #203   Not Available   View
Somali Community Services of Seattle   Sahra Farah   380-1011  3320 Rainier Ave S   Not Available   View
South Park Branch - Seattle Public Library   Librarian   733-9036     8604 Eighth Ave. S.   View
South Park Computer Lab   Lovely Domingo   615-0981  8319 8th AV S   Not Available   View
South Precinct Police Station public internet terminal   Lt. Debbie Hall   386-1861  3001 S Myrtle ST   View
South Seattle Community College Continuing Education Center at NewHolly   Jim Buschoff   760-2286  7058 32nd AVE S   View
Southcenter Library Connection   Librarian   242-6044     1115 Southcenter Mall   View
Southeast Seattle Senior Center   Ruth Egger   722-0317  4655 S Holly ST   View
Southwest Branch - Seattle Public Library   Librarian   684-7455     9010 35th AV SW   View
Southwest Community Center   Deric Gruen   684-7438  2801 SW Thistle St   Not Available   View
STAR of Seattle Computer Center   Oscar Escalante   325-4284  2101 Martin Luther King Jr. Way S.   View
Stroum Jewish Community Center   Sarah Sorte   232-7115  3801 East Mercer Way   View
Technology Access Foundation   Sherry Williams   725-9095  4436B Rainier Ave S   View
The Lighthouse for the Blind   Amy Koehl   436-2106  2501 South Plum Street   View
Theater Puget Sound   Sam Read   770-0370  305 Harrison ST   Not Available   View
Theosophical Society Library   Nancy Welder   323-4281     717 Broadway E.   Not Available   View
Thunderbird Treatment Center   Rodger Niemeier   722-7152  9236 Renton Ave S   Not Available   View
Tigrean Community Association   Asfaha Lemlem   321-9102  1901 E Yesler Way #3   View
Traveling Library Center   Jean Bowman   905-2008     960 Newport Way NW   View
Tri Court Resident Council   Will Ambrose   229-1890  720 N 143rd St   Not Available   View
Tukwila Library   Librarian   244-5140     14475 59th S   View
Union Gospel Mission   Tim Scott   725-2432  3800 S Othello ST   View
University Branch - Seattle Public Library   Librarian   684-4063     5009 Roosevelt WY NE   View
University Neighborhood Service Center Public Internet Terminal   Karen Ko   233-3732  4534 University WY NE   View
Urban Impact   Prince Davis   722-2052  7728 Rainier AV S   View
Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle   Michael Merrill   461-3792     105 14th Avenue   Not Available   View
UW Women's Center   Sutapa Basu   616-2366  Cunningham Hall   View
Valley View Library   Librarian   242-6044     17850 Military RD S   View
Vashon Library   Hester Kremer   463-2069  17210 Vashon HWY SW   View
Vietnamese Friendship Association   Kim Long Nguyen   760-1573  4714 Rainier Ave S, Suite 85   Not Available   View
Wallingford Branch - Seattle Public Library   Librarian   684-4088     1501 N. 45th St.   View
Wallingford Senior Center   Kathleen Cromp   461-7825  4649 Sunnyside AVE N, Suite 140   View
WAPI Community Services   Greg Garcia   223-9578  606 Maynard Ave S. #106   View
Washington CASH   Anee Brar   352-1945  2100 24th Ave S   View
West Seattle Branch - Seattle Public Library   Librarian   684-7444     2306 42nd AV SW   View
West Seattle Neighborhood Service Center Public Internet Terminal   Stan Lock   684-7495  4205 SW Alaska Street   View
West Seattle Senior Center   Karen Sisson   932-4044  4217 SW Oregon ST   View
Westwood Heights Technology Center   Oscar Escalante   932-6942  9455 27th Ave SW   View
White Center Library   Librarian   243-0233     11220 16th SW   View
Woodinville Library   Librarian   788-0733     17105 Avondale RD NE   View
Woodmont Library   Librarian   839-0121     26809 Pacific HWY S   View
Work Source N. Seattle   Patty Haldane   440-2587  12550 Aurora AVE N   View
Yesler Community Computer lab   Asfaha Lemlem   386-1245  917 E Yesler Way   View
Yo Columbia City Interagency   Cindy Nomura   252-6819  3712 S. Ferdinand St.   Not Available   View
Youngstown Cultural Arts Center   Laura Becker   935-2999  4408 Delridge Way SW   View
Youth Media Institute   Estevan Munoz-Howard   762-2334  9615 - 16th Ave SW   View
YWCA - Alvirita Little Center   Elizabeth Pauley   461-4443     708 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way   View
YWCA East Cherry   Dolores   568-7845     2820 E. Cherry   Not Available   View
YWCA of Seattle   Kim Nguyen   490-4396     1118 Fifth Ave   View

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